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Minois Body Lotions Laitcorps 500ML

Minois Body Lotions Laitcorps 500ML

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Body lotion moisturizer - 500ml

This body care product gently moisturizes the skin of babies and the whole family. Enriched with organic orange blossom floral water, organic aloe vera gel, organic sweet almond oil and organic shea butter, this body lotion nourishes and protects the more sensitive skin.

Minois Paris - Body Lotion 98,7 de naturalité 98,7% OF NATURAL INGREDIENTS

Minois Paris - Body Lotion fabriqué en France MADE IN FRANCE WITH LOVE

Minois Paris - Body Lotion dès la naissance FROM BIRTH ONWARDS


Its natural formula calms sensations of discomfort and leaves the skin soft, flexible and gently perfumed. 
Thanks to its fluid texture, this body lotion is easy to apply and is quickly absorbed without leaving a greasy trace on the skin or clothes.
Available in a generous size, our body lotion is adapted to a daily use and it’s suitable for the whole family.

Directions for use

Apply one or two pushes over the whole body, after bathing or at any other time of the day. 
Non-sticky, this lotion is immediately absorbed by the skin and lets you get dressed shortly after its application.

Ingredients and benefits

The Body Lotion is enriched with: 
- Orange blossom water: renowned for its smoothing and soothing properties. 
- Organic Aloe Vera Gel: The aloe vera gel has anti-inflammatory, soothing and calming properties. It preserves skin hydration and is recommended for chafed, dry and sensitive skins. 
- Shea butter: a go-to in natural toiletries. Its many virtues including being hydrating, protecting and soothing! 
- Sweet almond oil: rich in vitamins A,B,D and E and fatty acids, it nourishes, softens and soothes sensitive skin.

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