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Minois Travel Set SETVOYAGEB2B

Minois Travel Set SETVOYAGEB2B

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4 mini bottles to fill

Our Travel Set is a kit of 4 miniature bottles, to be filled by yourself and infinitely reusable. It allows you to take your favorite Minois care everywhere with you.

3 bottles of 100ml and a small jar of 30ml to fill according to your desires, to slip into your toiletry bag or into their Minois Paris organic cotton pouch and to keep indefinitely.


The Travel Set contains: 
- 1 empty bottle with a spray pump - 100ml
- 2 empty bottles with capsule cover - 100ml
- 1 empty jar - 30 ml 

Adapted to flight travel


The bottles and jar are empty and need to be filled. 
The size is adapted to cabine luggage for flight travel.

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